Color or Bleach Carpet Repair

New Braunfels Carpet Repair

It’s not time to buy, it’s time to dye!

Why pay 60-75% more to replace carpets when you can color them back to life?
Carpet repair by carpet dyeing is an extremely cost effective alternative to new carpet replacement.

The dyes we use are non-toxic & guaranteed in writing to be permanent & colorfast for the life of the carpet.

Using a proprietary application (developed by Colorful Carpets) we determine which dyes are needed to match the original color of the carpet. Then, we apply the dye with either a syringe or a spray gun to restore your carpet or rug to save you money!

Our color restoration services include:

  • Bleach spot repair
  • Carpet color dyeing
  • Persian rug color restoration
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FAQs about Carpet Dyeing:

“Is the process non-toxic/safe?”
All dyes and solutions use to color restore your carpet are non-toxic & odor free. Our color restoration process is completely safe for you, your kids, as well as your pets. MSDS sheets are available for your inspection upon request.

“How quickly are we able to walk on the carpets after they have been color restored?”
The dye dries instantly and is color fast for the life of the carpet as soon as it is applied. The quality of dyes are the best in the world.

“Is carpet dyeing cheaper than replacing the carpets?”
It is much cheaper to have your carpet dyed rather than replaced by at least 50% depending on the area. Carpet dyeing usually saves you 60-75% of what new carpet replacement costs.

“How much does it cost?”
Call Mark for a free consultation at 830-310-0535 .

New Braunfels Carpet Cleaning has been certified in carpet dyeing by Colorful Carpets Dyeing Training
New Braunfels Carpet Cleaning has been certified in carpet dyeing by Colorful Carpets Dyeing Training

Carpet Color Repair Specialist

New Braunfels Cleaning & Restoration is a certified color repair & restoration company trained by the leading dye master of the world Chris Howell from Colorful Carpets. Chris’ expertise speaks for itself with such jobs in the works:

  • White House for the past 3 presidents
  • National Institute of Peace
  • Marriott

In addition, Chris has trained technicians in Dubai, UK, & AU. Subsequently, in Dubai, Chris is now under an NDA due to the power of his expertise & value that color restoration brings to the market.

NBC&R invests in the highest quality training so you have peace of mind & a great partner long term!