Pet Odor Removal

Do you need Pet Odor Removal Services? Rest easy knowing the products & methods New Braunfels Cleaning & Restoration uses to treat pet odors and stains are second to none!

The methods & products used for pet treatment will depend on these factors:

  • Size of the pet –if a spot cleaner was used to treat the pet areas
  • Number of pet areas- pet’s diet – medication/illness
  • Level of hydration -type of carpet

So, when is it better to replace your carpets?

Simply put, consider replacement if 40% or more of the rooms square footage contains urine stains; especially if you are striving for 100% stain & odor elimination.

A common misconception home owners make is when they think they can rent a machine to clean their carpets. The 5 star Google reviews below are examples of why you should NOT want to DIY:

pet odor removal

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“The service was Fantastic! Mark is a very Trustworthy guy with a great demeanor. I am a mother of 2 boys and a pet owner with a cat that occasionally comes inside. I called Mark to clean our house due to pet odor/stains, dirty spots from little feet coming inside, & of course coffee stains. Before calling Mark I was considering buying my own carpet cleaner machine to clean our carpets. I AM SO GLAD I DIDN’T DO IT MYSELF! The job he did was OUTSTANDING and wouldn’t compare to the “do it yourself” machine. The money we spent having the carpets cleaned was well priced and well worth it. The carpet is clean, smells great, and is super soft to walk on. Thank you Mark for taking the musty smell out of our house!”


“Our carpets hadn’t been cleaned since we moved into our house 4 years ago! Unfortunately, our dog had a couple accidents inside, which prompted us to look into having the carpets cleaned. Overall, Mark did a wonderful job making our carpets look and feel like new again. He even paid extra attention to the bedroom with the urine smell. It’s not often we experience this kind of customer service! Mark’s professionalism, knowledge, and passion for his work made it a pleasure to do business with New Braunfels Cleaning & Restoration.”


“Very professional and knowledgeable. They were able to save my wool rug that I was going to throw out due to pet odor. I highly recommend NB Cleaning and Restoration.”


Pet Odor Can be Eliminated

Our pet odor removal systems are among the best in the industry.
Most homeowners have pets that will have an accident here and there.  A customer recently mentioned:

“My dogs eat the acorns out of our back yard to then come inside and vomit the them up on my carpet and tile. Yuck!”

Depending on the type of stain we use a variety of products and methods to make sure the areas are relieved the right way the first time.  If you do not treat the pet stains in the correct manner the likely hood of them coming back to the surface is almost guaranteed.

What about wet dog smell?

Another customer recently complained about his house having a wet dog smell despite having all his floors professionally cleaned.  Our assessment of his home concluded that his wet dog smell was being distributed through his heating and AC system.  By setting up an ozone generator for 12 hours we were able to completely eliminate the smell.

At New Braunfels Cleaning & Restoration we are dedicated to offering high quality pet odor removal systems!


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